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We offer a continual tax planning service, in a constantly changing regulatory environment. We will discuss your personal income requirements in the context of tax planning opportunities.


We will advise you of the company’s tax liability, and remind you in advance of the due date for payment. Claims for loss or group relief are made automatically, and any repayment claims submitted. We are always seeking to achieve the best possible tax advantage for you and your business.

Choosing and finding an accountant for yourself or company should be easy in your location; all you need to do is to ask and search local directories in the internet. However, there are some questions you need to ask yourself before looking for an accountant.

1. Specialization

You should know what services they offer.

2. Experience

One of the primary factors in this field is experience. Make sure that you ask them if they have experience, how long they are doing this profession, who are their clients, what are the feedbacks of their customers. These questions should be asked during the search for accountants.

2. Cost

Budget is always on the top question to ask. You need to consider the fee before you hire them. You need to ask what will you be charged and when.

3. Qualified

You should know if they are member of any professional associations. With this, you can complain to the said association if you are not satisfied with their service. In addition, you should know if their accountants are registered at the online Tax and BAS Agent Register. This is just making sure that they are competent and qualified to deliver their services.

If you are satisfied with the answers, you can now search for an accountant in your area with confident.

We at Austral Accountants are specialist in helping self employed individuals with all their tax and accountancy needs. We are registered business operating in Brisbane with years of experience and satisfied clients.


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Austral Accountants Bookkeeping Services in BrisbaneWhy Choose Us?

We offer a professional, reliable and experienced service that covers all characteristics of accountancy, whether you require some simple bookkeeping or you help with sorting out your tax and accounts preparation. We are here to help..
•    Free Initial 1 Hour Consultation
•    Year round service
•    Weekend & Evening appointments available
•    Onsite appointments available
•    We offer a personal pick up and drop off of books collection service

If you are looking for more from your accountant, why not arrange a free initial consultation to find out how much more we can offer...